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Saving the Earth! August 21, 2010

Hey guys! This is the easiest thing to make! It’s a bunny bookmark. Keep thinking of ways to conserve! I made this out of some scrap paper! This is a pig/dog. It was originally a pig, but in the photo it looks like a dog. Sorry about that! Post requests and I will try and fulfill them!                                                                                                                                 

Easiest origami ever!



Hey guys, so I just wanted to let you all know, why not start a project? As in a big project we can all participate in to make sure we’re helping save millions of lives, and not just the Earth? Well Trick-or-Treat for Unicef to help save a child’s life.

Be oldschool, hang up your clothes to dry. I know it sounds like a lot more work, but you save so much! I know your wondering, “save so much what?”

Well you end up saving a bunch of electricity from not having to use the dryer, and you save a little money from the electric bill. (BONUS). If you don’t have a fence around your backyard or a porch, then maybe it’s ok for you not to do it, but if you do have a porch or fence, try to get a little sunlight drying on your clothes.

You know, after reading Seedfolks in class, its also got me thinking about planting a garden. I mean, maybe not a REAL garden, but I have an orange tree in my backyard that’s been there for a while now, and every year it makes a lot of oranges. And now I’m thinking, why not be like Mr.Manetz and start a compost? You’re only doing the earth good…and it doesn’t harm you in any way!

Throw your fruit peels/seeds/any other stuff just out your bedroom window and start a compost. Who knows, maybe a tree will grow there one day…

Once again, shoutout to Emma Tiki for actually FOLLOWING my origami ideas! 😀 U ROCK GIRL!

ORIGAMI ACCESSORIES. Totally “In” right now. Check out some of these looks:

These pictures are taking up too much room. Oh well…

This is also a totally OBVIOUS tip, but stay away from aerosal sprays because they are not good for the ozone or for yourself. (BONUS). And I THINK air fresheners, like the spraying ones….

Sorry guys, I’m having like a HUGE brain fart here but, if you ever decide to get a car, you should buy one of those fuel-efficient ones, i.e. a Prius. Now, a lot of people say this car is crappy or is too small blah blah or they want a real car. Now, if you insist on getting your BMW, or totally pimped out truck, I have no objection. But I just want you to keep in mind the possibility, you could be doing the world a big favor.

Now, I don’t want to go off topic here, but right now I am so OBSESSED with the Food Channel! It’s not exactly…”healthy”, but it’s so fun and amazing to watch! GO FOOD CHANNEL. WHOOOO. OK, sorry, keep saving our earth!

I’m kinda ripping off Nevermoraven’s tips, but create your own jewelry from little bits and scraps of metal. Take some old yarn and beads and string ’em together! Take some scrap paper and cut them into shapes and hook em onto your earrings. Buy clothes from recycled cotton or you could sew and patch up clothes yourself! For better advice and tips, go to:

Right now, I’m not sure how to add on new posts on here, so I’m just going to keep it in one gigantic post. It’s the start of a new school year! So why not kick it off with some awesome new supplies? Go to your nearest Walmart or any other place that sells supplies and look for Recycled supplies instead! And buy a new recycled backpack if your old one is too worn out. There are so many ways to Reuse!

Wanna go green? Well you can. Just by doing the smallest things, you can make a big impact. Let’s start off with some small tips that you may already know:

1. Use Steel/Aluminum water bottles instead of plastic ones. (Note: The Earth cannot break plastic down. So 2000 years later, it will still be there.)

2. I know everyone has their beloved electronics. i.e. Ipods, laptops, cellphones, etc. When you’re finished charging them, unplug the chargers! Even though you’re not charging them, when it’s plugged in, electricity still flows, so make sure you unplug!

3. Save water by taking shorter showers. I know everyone loves taking long, hot, soothing showers at the end of the day, but there are some more important things to think about.

4. Bring your own cloth bags for shopping instead of using their plastic ones. (Remember Tip #1). If you don’t have any, go to your nearest supermarket and they’re bound to have those cloth bags for about $0.99.

5. This is the easiest tip of all: DON’T BE A LITTERBUG! I know sometimes you drop a gum wrapper here and there and you think that it doesn’t matter. Well what if the whole world dropped a couple of gum wrappers here and there, then we’d be living in our waste!

Bear in mind for these 5 easy tips.


7 Responses to “Saving the Earth!”

  1. Sona Says:

    Hey Jessica!!! Just wanted to say your website is awesome!!! Also, I can’t do origami so wanna make me those earrings??? JK… well actually, no JK… will you seriously make those for me???

    • luckyandme Says:

      Thanks Sona! I’m sorry to say that I don’t know how to make those earrings and since I don’t have MY ears pierced, I don’t have the proper materials. But if you want, I can gather up some materials that you can make earrings out of!

  2. delaney Says:

    hey jess. i absolutely love love love your website 😛 and the earrings

  3. steph Says:

    wow. the websites not that bad (uhhh…comparing to other websites…i’m thinking of a certain one …O.O if you get a clue.
    i wanna make those earrings…sooooooo cute. but how am i supposed to make holes that small!? and i need those teeny beads.

  4. Sona Says:

    is ok Jessica, you don’t have to. i’ll ask like Stephanie how she made hers

  5. steph Says:

    uhhhh…i learned from the bead all about it lady…

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