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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF October 29, 2010

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Halloween is coming up! And not only do you get to stuff your face with endless sugar, you have the chance to help other kids all over the world.

UNICEF does a trick-or-treat fundraiser every year, and you can get a little orange box like this –> 

On the back, it tells you how much each donation can help.

Did you know…

$.07 provides 50 kids with safe water for a day

$2 buys 1 liter of therapeutic milk

$19 buys 3 mosquito nets to protect kids from malaria

$257 provides an emergency classroom kit for 40 kids

#500 buys a water pump for a whole community

~ Learn more at

Don’t be a stickler and think if you don’t do this, someone else will, because you don’t know that, and if we all thought that way, we would never make a difference. You can also donate online from the website above.

If you can, donate a penny, nickel, or dime! Every cent counts, because every kid counts!


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