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Awards January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!! 😀








Thank you! (You’re welcome :))







Most Charming Talent Award







Poetry Picnic Time with the Gooseberry Garden Hummingbirds:

The Jingle Poetry Lucky Bunny Poetry Award:

Cerebral Heart Inspiration Award:

Outstanding Participant Award:

Most Eloquent Poet Award:

Especially for ME 🙂

The Best Poet in Spring of 2011:

UR a Popular Poet Award:

Honor Roll Award:

Blogger Buddy Award:

Love You Award?

Super Comments Award (LOVE the picture on this one):

Mischief Maker award (heh heh):

Sunshine award!

Random Rose:

U R a Rare Friend Award:

The Most Resilient Poet Award:

Kreativ Blogger Award:

My Blog is Freakin Fabulous 🙂 Award

Star Poet Award:

Friends Are Special Poetry Award:


Your Blog Sends me flying award:

Friendship Award:

Jingle’s Blogger Buddy Award:

October Birthdays Award?:

Most Promising Poet Award:

Here some awards I have earned while doing Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally. Thanks a MILLION to Ji, who made all this possible 🙂

Oil Pastels:

Smudging colors,

like mixing wind with water.

Coloring in a blank canvas,

like painting the sky red.

Smudging the crumbs that fall off,

like smoothing out boulders of the earth.

My masterpiece,

out of oil pastels.

Since I was a first timer…I got:

Once again…thank you SO much to Jingle!


One Response to “Awards”

  1. Jingle Says:

    let me know a poet you wish to nominate for week 38, then done…

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