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My lesson on: Reflections, Musings, Interpretations December 20, 2010

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I always found it mindboggling…

how reflections never show what you really look like, but show the reverse image…

so I always wondered…

who am I and what exactly do I look like?

Even when I muse about it…

did you know, musings, are reflections?

Is anything in this world ever real?

But do we look reality in the eye, or just brush its skin?

My friend,

it depends on your interpretation.

So believe what you want to believe.

Believe it’s real,

because it’s the closest thing you have to it being…real?


14 Responses to “My lesson on: Reflections, Musings, Interpretations”

  1. ooimaginationoo Says:

    who am I and what exactly do I look like?

    How often do I think that? Probably constantly. When I write, it is to find myself. Thank you so much for this gem!

  2. Clever weaving of the three aspects of the theme.

    My potluck:

  3. gospelwriter Says:

    I like your musings very much – love how you wove the different aspects this week’s theme into one lovely poem.

  4. marousia Says:

    Oh, this is so clever! I love the way you used the theme words

  5. Jessica Says:

    Nicely written. Yes, it’s strange how we comb our hair and check our faces, in in reverse to reality!

  6. luckyandme Says:

    Thanks so much! I do often think about what’s real and what’s not. I love all your entries, too!

    ~ Lucky

  7. Jingle Says:

    musings are reflections..
    lovely thoughts.
    Thanks for linking..


  8. luckyandme Says:

    Thank you! I love your poem as well

  9. danroberson Says:

    Probably upside down, too, like the image the camera sees. Or that our images have two distinct sides, but we get used to seeing both and think they’re the same. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  10. luckyandme Says:

    You’re welcome; I sometimes wonder if there is an “alternate universe” that we have.

  11. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Fantastic write! It reminds me of the time my uncle sat me down in front of a video feedback loop and asked me to tell me what the story was!

  12. luckyandme Says:

    Um…unusual…but I can see it happening…I’m glad you liked my poem!

  13. Fire and Ice Says:

    Sorry I’ve been mot du jour for a while, but I really like this poem because it gets the reader to think. I appreciate your deeper sense of wisdom and curiosity that you blend into the mix, and this is a subject that I find fascinating (hello? Welcome to Reality?)
    Mind if I borrow your theme of mirrors sometime or later?
    and let’s kick some asymptote tomorrow…

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