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Rain… November 11, 2010

Filed under: Poetry — Jessica @ 5:53 pm

I breathe out

A sigh of relief

Today, the first sparkles of rain

plops down

On my head

On my arm

On the sidewalk.

I smile.

The Sun is still out.

It’s nice to see,

Zeus yielding to Apollo

———– ———— ————


Burns my skin

Purifies my soul

spills with my tears

Takes me out dancing

gets my mouth to open up and sing

Pulls my head back laughing.

*                       *                        *


are the splatters of paint on the blank canvas of the world

is my elegant consort

is a timer

It’s time to go inside

Is it?


is my dance

my song

my friend.

————— ——————– ————-

At last, Zeus clears the way

for Apollo.

I smile.


2 Responses to “Rain…”

  1. NotATameLion Says:

    is my dance
    my song
    my friend”

    Thanks for sharing
    I myself love to dance in the rain and generally enjoy its company

    My poem, if you are interested:

  2. fiveloaf Says:

    original and light- makes a great read!

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