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The Runaway May 12, 2011

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She stole the world by stealth,

but ran away from herself.

Trying to find a way home,

she truly is alone.


The King’s Speech (Movie Review) March 29, 2011

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I’m a huge fan of movies. So naturally, seeing at how this one took home many Academy Awards, I just had to see it. I know it’s rated R, but only for language (very funny language at that, too). I must say, Colin Firth did the best job in playing a stammerer, and Geoffrey Rush was so funny as the speech doctor, and I just always love Helena Bonham Carter, so the actors were great in this movie.

But there’s more to it. Surely, you know this movie has more to do with a man with a stammer. It’s about overcoming fear, it’s about the value of friendship, about what one could do for love, it’s about coming out, it’s about having a voice.

The screenplay, by David Seidler, is an inspiration for all. I think when I grow up, I’d like to write screenplays or be a director for movies.

I think this is the reason why The King’s Speech nabbed so many awards, instead of Inception, or True Grit, because the movies that are real, the ones that touch your heart, the ones that you know are true, tend to make a bigger impact on you than one that is supernatural or a Sci-fi thriller.

This is Lucky, and that’s all I have to say about The King’s Speech.


Making Amends February 25, 2011

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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone so long. (And I don’t even have WHAP anymore). Well, I guess my best answer is: Math. I’ve been super busy with it. But I PROMISE I will try and keep up with my blog and my other stuff at the same time…. 🙂



My lesson on: Reflections, Musings, Interpretations December 20, 2010

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I always found it mindboggling…

how reflections never show what you really look like, but show the reverse image…

so I always wondered…

who am I and what exactly do I look like?

Even when I muse about it…

did you know, musings, are reflections?

Is anything in this world ever real?

But do we look reality in the eye, or just brush its skin?

My friend,

it depends on your interpretation.

So believe what you want to believe.

Believe it’s real,

because it’s the closest thing you have to it being…real?


My lesson on: Dreaming, Visions, and Reveries December 6, 2010

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What I’ve learned,

after what I’ve been through,

is that dreaming,

is a fantasy, a paradise, a nightmare, or an empty void,

is that visions,

do not show your future, but hold painful flashbacks of the past,

is that reveries,

are empty dreams and musings without meaning.


there is always a will, to make a way,



create the pavement for your road,


help you keep going and to not look back,

and that to make



you must keep chasing those pavements, and never look back.


Happy Holidays,



Hub of a Pot November 11, 2010

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I feel like

the hub of a pot.

Hollow inside

Elegant outside.

I see the world only through a small opening.

Colors, in black and white.

Are they worthy enough to be a color?

My life,

in black-and-white



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I breathe out

A sigh of relief

Today, the first sparkles of rain

plops down

On my head

On my arm

On the sidewalk.

I smile.

The Sun is still out.

It’s nice to see,

Zeus yielding to Apollo

———– ———— ————


Burns my skin

Purifies my soul

spills with my tears

Takes me out dancing

gets my mouth to open up and sing

Pulls my head back laughing.

*                       *                        *


are the splatters of paint on the blank canvas of the world

is my elegant consort

is a timer

It’s time to go inside

Is it?


is my dance

my song

my friend.

————— ——————– ————-

At last, Zeus clears the way

for Apollo.

I smile.


The Friendly Intern

practical answers to practical questions for the medical trainee

in oceans deep

my faith will stand


*izzy, 20